In the pursuit of happiness, sometimes you have to be the bull in that china shop or simply put the one who rips off the bandaid. Recently I found myself running on the treadmill of life to no avail. True satisfaction or purpose nowhere in sight, rather the constant grind being the fuel that led to me my current state. If only I could monetize speaking in riddles and cliches because I’d be rich by now. People tend to use time as an excuse when it suits themselves or the moment. ‘It’s too early’ or ‘Next Time’ or even ‘I’m not ready’ are phases used to mask the fear that time present whilst we fester to determine whether what we are doing is right or wrong.

I had been toying with the idea of happiness and satisfaction for a while now, with a defiant ego believing that I can multitask soul searching whilst being on that treadmill... Until I took one foot off that treadmill, then the other. I silenced the time excuses and decided to control time on my terms. Though it will continue, I won’t be pressured to juggle whilst walking anymore. Though this particular wordplay might not make sense, I believe that sometimes we get caught up in the thick of instant satisfaction and newness we can forget what gives us true sustainable and purpose. And though I may not know what can trigger mine yet, I’m now putting my best foot forward to find out. Are you?!  

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