There's something beautiful about things we deem ugly. Whether it is perceived are true examples of 'fashion' or just 'ugly' is to the eye of the beholder. I believe it is my newly acquired adult confidence tied with the desire not to look like every Tom, Dick, and Harry which has got my mind looking for things otherworldly. Maison Martin Margiela's Tabi Shoe made its runway debut in 1988, interpreting the Japanese split-toe sock silhouette. Even with its 30+ years, this shoe has never hit the true mainstream. The polarising shoe can be referred to as an expression, art, hooves and any other negative derogatory curse words possible. 

Back when I got my first job and was living at home I lived an Ariana Grande 'I see it I want it, I got it' lifestyle. This time was also the start of this blog. From Bags, Shoes and eventually Clothing it was practically Christmas every week with packages. I blame the introduction of fashion brands moving online. However, even with this in mind, my 20-year-old self did not have these shoes were nowhere near a wishlist and dare I say I used many of those curse words to define such shoe. Cut to 8 years later and here I am, the proud owner of my own pair of Ugly Hooves. 

For those who ask, they are comfortable if not one of the most comfortable pair of heel boots I own. Its wide toe prevents any unseemly discomfort that you would get from a pointed boot and the leather is supple. The only reservations come with wearing socks, whether you pull you sock out from the toe to allow it to sort itself out once you split your big toe from the rest of the team and the other is that true to form this boot does not have a conventional closure. Instead of zipping or buckle, the boots feature multiple hook and eye closures and since I'm blessed with a rather skinny ankle, my left foot always seems to unhook them whilst walking. But warts and all aside, these boots are not just comfy, different but also serve entertainment as I commute to work. The amount of stares or sneaky photos people try to take unable to determine if I have a foot condition or whether I am weird is pure art itself. 
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