blazer: MARTAN - shorts: ZARA - shoes: NIKE - bag: CHANEL - sunglasses: COTTON ON

I have circles on my arms. When I was younger I was given a crystal sphere. I was told that the circle was ‘my shape’ like when you are told about your element and zodiac. To me the circle represents everything. The rise and fall, Life. The notion that everything that was once popular will become popular again. The power of nostalgia, the memories whether positive or negative create an inescapable bond. The countless remakes and reboots in popular culture or the cyclical fashion trends. Everything seems to revolve in a circle. More greatly speaking the world moves in cycles also, hot and cold, recessions to surpluses. Is life just a circle that moves with nostalgia? 

With my newly found free time, amongst looking for new work I have the time to consume, learn and reflect. Basically, I've been watching a lot of Netflix and documentaries and my diary is thicker than normal. Reviewing choices, favourites and habits. We are told that we are on directions or paths, but who says its a straight line? Maybe all of the stories or journeys are circles? Whichever way you see it, and I'm not saying what I'm thinking is the 'new way' but its food for thought nonetheless. As I look toward the new paths in 2020, this time off has gifted me the perspective of oversight. Something you don't want permanently, but it's nice to take yourself out of the game to recharge and rethink before getting into the thick of a new circle.