I am mastering the Art of... Nothing
And I'm passing with flying colours

One would think that I am in an uber rush to get back to work. On one hand yes, I do miss exercising the analytical and business side of my brain, however, I am also thoroughly enjoying this break to simply do nothing. Now by 'nothing' I mean things which were always on a superficial to-do list or shelved away for that 'rainy day' or 'when I have a few secs'. What makes this different to say a holiday is that there is a sense of normalcy with my daily routine. I can commit to doing yoga every morning, eating well-prepared meals, sleeping enough, drinking enough water, all those things we want to do but never have the time to do or prioritize it. This hiatus, sabbatical, break, whatever you want to call it is a luxury for many. Having resigned to nothing can and is scary, but at the same time, it has afforded me time to truly relax and enjoy not only being with others but with myself. Not to encourage everyone to resign tomorrow, but just think what's filling your tank? And how many lists do you have?

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