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You know that buying mentality of 'See It, Want It, Buy It'? I was that person with skincare until my bathroom storage was overfilled with a mountain of products; an imbalance of product types and over time I forgot why I wanted some in the first place. With the aim to be more minimal and conscious (some would say sustainable) I'm trying to steer clear of stockpiling with the diary of sorts of all the things I want to buy and try.  So that when I have money or need to replace I will have something already in mind. Not to mention, I only have one face, body, head of hair... 

Products either $, $$ or $$$.


DEVICE - BEAUTYBIO glopro microneedling regeneration tool - $$$

I really want to get into micro-needling. Having seen and researched tools for a year now so far I'm set on the GloPro. What's great about this tool versus the cheaper versions is that this also has red LED light therapy which is something I have used and bought dedicated tools to use but I never do. So in my mind, this is two birds one tool.

Lip Fetish Lip Balm NoirLip Fetish Lip Balm NoirLip Fetish Lip Balm Noir
LIP BALM - PAT MCGRATH lip fetish lip balm in noir -  $$

To add to my Lip Service, I've been lusting over Pat McGrath's lip fetish line for a while. Lusting is the best word to describe it because a $60 lip balm is a risky slope as I lose lip balms and am very picky. The entire Pat McGrath line has been praised for its high quality and performance so I'm still compelled to try it... ideally after I get it on sale.

Image result for supergoop city serum                                         Image result for supergoop city serum                                         Image result for supergoop city serum
SPF - SUPERGOOP City Sunscreen Serum - $

SPF. Need I say more? The only issue with getting this is that I cannot get it in Australia. Australia has really tough restrictions on SPF so it hasn't reached our shores yet. Luckily it is available in Asia and America. I already enjoy Supergoop sunscreens, so I'm eager to try the serum style.