It may not be the most exciting time worldwide, but knowing that we are all in the same boat reminds us that we are all in this together. So as mundane as you think your day is, so is mine.
Let me share...


7:00 9:30: I wake up super early... I normally wake up because of the Cat or the Boyfriend going to work. These days I get up slowly. Stretch, Mentally adjust and Cuddles. One thing I've gotten used to this year is that there is no rush. 9:45: I'll reach for my phone and screen time begins. I check my emails, Instagram and download any available podcasts/books. Depending on the day I'll spend the morning in bed listening to all of the latest episodes or Book. I subscribe to a lot of podcasts, from Drag Race, Wellness and Gay Specific. 11:00: Time for a spot of exercise. I will either do a set of 30-second circuits or yoga, the later more often. I like the @yogawithadriene youtube channel, I'll normally choose a video between 20-30 minutes and I'll use both ankle and wrist weights to for some extra resistance. 11:30: After exercise, it's time to get ready-ish. Being on quarantine my wardrobe is collecting dust, but my skincare habits have increased. My morning skincare regimen has become a ritualistic moment to further wake up. I'm also trying to get used to wearing my hair down more, so I'll use some snap clips on the side to keep it out of my face.


12:00: A late Breakfast. I always have to have breakfast, quarantine or not. Currently, I'll have a bowl of rockmelon, banana and green apple with a spoon of smooth peanut butter. I wash it down with a cup of lemon and ginger tea, I'll also pour my first litre of warm water to drink throughout the day. 13:00: For the rest of the day I'm doing a combination of Blogging, Reading, Watching TV/Youtube and Playing with the Cat. I need to keep myself productive. Even with being unemployed, it's important to keep on learning and staying sharp, whether it's working on content or reading a crap ton of books. Aside from my favourite TV Shows, I haven't yet binged on a lot of TV Shows for the sake of it. 14:00: Lunch is typically leftovers, very exciting I know. 15:00: Sometimes I need to graze, I was really good with healthy options like cashews, carrot sticks and peanut butter. I've ramped it up a little bit more with a few biscuits and the occasional cake. I'll refill my water with another litre to drink because there are no excuses with quarantine to be dehydrated. 16:00: I need some fresh air and a break, so I'll go for a walk around my suburb or grab some groceries if need be. I'm definitely not getting in 10,000 steps a day but as long as I go for a walk either every day or every second day it helps. There's nothing better than fresh air and being off the screens. 


17:00: As mundane as the days go, scheduled catch-ups are necessary. Whether it be through Houseparty or Facetime, it is a far replacement from a catch up over drinks or a meal but it will suffice. 19:00: Dinnertime! I have not cooked so much since this quarantine and it's getting boring. I do miss a spot of Japanese or a good Thai meal BUT I'm dealing. If the Boyfriend isn't working he'll cook which is great because he is great with food. With a good glass or two of wine, and maybe some dessert. 20:30: I shower in the night, I like to feel clean and fresh washing off the day. I try not to have a long shower unless I'm washing my hair, but I tend to spend ages in the bathroom with my skincare routine. Face and Body not to mention skin care tools and such. That's when I switch to a top bun and I feel fresh. 21:00: We have a TV but we've never really used it, until now. We'll scan the channels for anything fun whether it's a cooking show or a James Bond Marathon. 23:00: Bedtime varies, but I'm normally in bed by 23:00 or so, now that it's heading towards winter there's nothing better than have warm cozy sheets, maybe the heater on and some candles. They are my jam. There's not too much to my wind-down routine (because let's be real, not much as gone on to wind down from) Under the Sheets, Cuddles and Kisses. Done.