I have mentioned that when I was younger, my parents were against hair dye, bleaching or any hair colouring full stop. I was the first in my family to break the rules and not just apply dye but bleach to my hair. It was a look. I thought it would be nice to take a rewind at the various hair colours I've had and the lessons learnt along the way.


My natural colour for 21 years until I bleached it overnight
When I was young I found my black hair boring. It took years of bleach and hair dye to appreciate my natural black hair. I went back to black twice, firstly by a black box dye and then second a blue-black box dye. I didn't think I wouldn't hate black hair more... until then. Natural black hair has a lustre to it, a natural gloss and a brown tinge over time. A black dye looks like black hay. And a Blue-Black dye looks worse in my experience. It's been nearly over two years since I dyed it back to black and my natural hair has since grown back. There's no promise that I'll stay black forever, but I definitely appreciate it.
  • THE RIGHT COLOUR: Having read the paragraph above, going to Black can be very harsh and unnatural. So depending on what look you are after keep that in mind. Personally, if I were to ever dye my hair back from Blonde again I might try a softer colour like chestnut brown. 
  • STAINS EVERYWHERE: While bleach burns skin, dark hair colours stain... everything. Sinks, Bathtubs, Scalp, Hands, Nails, you name it, it Stains. Work meticulously and clean up quickly where you can.  



The right of passage
I wanted to bleach my hair for years, I was tempted to it when I was in Hong Kong for my 21st, and then at a Salon but ultimately I chose to do it at my best friend's house late at night... the wiser choice of course. I bleached my hair in 2012 straight from virgin black hair to... well yellow. Think emoji, Big Bird yellow. One thing to note with having black hair is that home bleaching is not an overnight experience, and trying to avoid yellow or orange is easier said than done. To preface, I wanted a platinum blonde. Not a light brown, highlights or orange. See I like to challenge myself. I've been blonde for a total of 5 years. Various tones of blonde, root touch-ups and scalp burns, but it's always been fun. Think the next time I go back to blonde I'll try it professionally as my long hair will need a little more help.
  • PERSISTENCE: Bleaching it takes time, especially doing a full dead and even more when you're going for white/platinum. 
  • TONE, TONE & TONE: Bleaching is only the first step. Toning is the key to getting rid of those nasty yellow, orange and copper tones. After that using Purple Shampoo and Conditioner help to further strip tones on a daily basis. 
  • TREATMENTS: Bleaching turns healthy natural hair to straw. Wet hair feels dry and limp. Treatments are needed to help replenish hair to give it life. Leave in Treatments and Oils are helpful to help make hair feel softer and more hair-like.


There weren't too many pictures, but for 48 hours I had pink hair 
When I decided to dye my hair from Blonde to Black, I thought I would have some fun in between. For a good weekend, I dyed my hair pink. Diluting a pink toner with conditioner through my hair. Suffice to say I could have diluted it more to be more pastel.
  • A GOOD BASE COLOUR: In order to get a good colour result having light hair is key. Bright colours do latch onto browns or black well. A consistent blonde or brighter gets the best results. 
  • BACK UP PLAN: Having a box of natural coloured hair dye on standby helps with any last-minute regrets or to cover up any mistakes. Remember is there are no pictures, it never happened.