Negative Nancy? 
Thank You, Next

The world is in an interesting state. I do not want to comment on it as I don’t want to sound like an expert and is this not a platform for that. What this is, however, is a diary of sorts so a brief acknowledgement is necessary so that far into the future I can look back and remember this point in time as a blip. 

When negative things happen it is hard to stay positive. I have been found guilty of being supremely pessimistic when things don’t go my way. It is something which I’ve worked on to curb for years, changing the perspective to not ignore the negativity but acknowledge it and stop it from festering into spirals. It sounds easier said than done. Taking a beat, breathing in and out and then looking for a silver lining. Sounds hippy woo hoo, but like they say positive people live longer so I've converted. Unlike the playbook movie (which I slept through in a cinema) silver linings are great. I'm not looking for a pie in the sky, I'm looking for what's realistically positive. This is a diary, so this my entry on how I'm living, not coping or dealing. I am living, with the silver lining that my planned hiatus from employment is going to be a little bit longer than intended, I will no doubt break my personal best of books I can read in a year and enjoy that me time. 

Regardless of whether its now, tomorrow or in the near future. I'm finding those silver linings and putting them front and center. 

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