Palomo Spain, Dior Homme, Prada, Juun J, Homme Plisse Isssey Miyake, Wooyoungmi, Saint Laurent, JW Anderson & Y/Project

Spring/Summer inspires me to get fit, tighten that waist and ditch the bags for pockets galore

Typing this post wearing a turtleneck, shearling jacket and socks to my ankles. There is nothing I want more than to enjoy some Spring/Summer inspiration. Within this pandemic, I have had the pleasure of cleaning up and itemising my wardrobe to discover that my Spring/Summer wardrobe is rather blah and basic. Luckily for me, Spring/Summer 2021 is giving me hope and much-needed ideas to freshen. My favourite, Korean designer Juun J presents exaggerated pockets, legs and outwear in a chic military-inspired collection that has got me thinking about owning my first pair of cargo pants. JW Anderson's asymmetry and cut-outs have got me eyeing my fabric shears for some much needed DIY tweaking. I am loving the gender fluidity of Palomo Spain, in a way which is not performative but wearable with nods to the 80's. Y/PROJECT has got me questioning why my denim pieces aren't as interesting, with a fusion of fabrics or ruching to the gods. My favourite collection surprisingly came from Dior Homme, foregoing any fancy prints or collaborations, instead presented crisp waistlines and short-shorts that have me wanting to go on a Safari in LA. 

Spring/Summer 2021 makes me yearn for Sunshine, feeling Fit and Warmth!