If you were around 2011, you'll know


Back before the word influencer meant nothing and blogger was the 'it word'. When Nicholas Ghesquiere was at Balenciaga, he sent models in his 2011 show in flat shoes... cue the *gasps*. The wave of flat/platform shoes was only just making it way back into wardrobes and these babies were the epitome of cool. The Balenciaga derby was a heavy buckled boot with the runway version also having a studded sole, which I would love to have but could also see possible if not multiple injuries from slipping... I got these babies a few years later, as Alexander Wang took over the house. 

FROM: Marais Boutique Melbourne
UNBOXING: The box is heavy let's point that out first. The boots are impressive. They are big so if you're a uber minimalist these simply aren't for you. Buying these boots were the most expensive pair of shoes I've ever bought so in a way I'm happy that when I opened the box they scream everything. 
THOUGHTS: The boots have a thick wooden like sole, so they are heavy and tough. The shoe itself is a smooth semi-matte leather but it is internally lined with a neoprene-like fabric for thickness. This ultimately gives the boot it's unique shape. The buckles are large and in charge and are also weighty against the thin strap. Over time the strap has worn as the lining isn't as strong to sustain wear.  
BUYERS REMORSE?: This is one of those 'fashion' purchases where you have to appreciate the moment and idea than maybe the practicality or price. I paid just under $1,500AUD for these babies. And though the construction could have been made better to withstand the heavy buckles and future marks and indents, it's still a pair of shoes I wear to this day... I also picked up with derby version also. So it's safe to say I'm a happy camper.