How do you, Activist?

Where do you see change?

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The world is going through social change. More than just a black tile on an Instagram feed, the movement towards shedding light on racism and the overall inequality of minorities whether it be Black People, Trans People, those who are ‘other’. With marches, protests, sit-ins, fundraisers all around the world, it’s evident that by working together things get done and conversations can be had. The interesting thing about this moment is the end of complacency. The acceptance of the status quo is no longer a muttered joke or defeatist afterthought. Action and change are happening and I hope it will continue to incite change. 

This has led me to reflect on myself and the way I use my words and my content. How do you, Activist? I ask myself. I believe that we all have the capacity to be activists for the right causes. Whether through conversation, content, physically showing up or through donations. How do I, activist? How am I creating conversation and/or learning in movements that matter? And with a pandemic and being unemployed, plans may have changed but the question still remains. How do you, Activist? There shouldn’t be barriers to prevent Activism. Certain types yes, but as a whole no.