This is my current BODY Routine 

For years, my body routine was: Shower, Dry said Body and Done. 

Cut to realising my natural smooth and soft was like my first apartment... rented. I like feeling my soft and supple oats... Trying to get to that level took a minute. I remember being all-natural and simple, slathering coconut oil all over my body for months, not realising I was overdoing it and giving me backne, not ideal. Nowadays I've got a routine down pat, it's still simple without any of that thick and sticky feeling. 

Here is my routine:

1) the HAND-ME DOWN 

What happens to all of those products I don't like to use on my face? The Bin? The Cat? Nope, it goes on the Body. Because a) why not b) I spent money and c) the body skin is thicker, bigger and more resilient so why not. Waste Not, Want Not people. 

1) the OIL 
SUKIN rosehip oil

I remember reading a magazine (when they were a thing) and Jennifer Aniston said she always makes sure to moisturise her elbows and knees. I don't know what happened it but if Jennifer Aniston can have soft and supple elbows and knees so can I. This is done before my overall moisturiser. This is the only time I want a thick and rich product. Three drops of Rosehip, on the knees, elbows and shoulders.

2) some MILK 
EMBRYOLISSE plait creme fluid

I tried Embryolisse 24-Hour miracle cream for the face. I didn't like it for my face, but I thought for the body it would be great. I use this by itself as a summer body moisturiser, its more of a milk-like consistency than a cream. In winter I'll mix this with a cream to thin it out. 

3) to FINISH
CERAVE moisturising cream

Sealing in the deal with one of my favourite moisturising brands; CeraVe. I like that CeraVe's moisturisers are simple and just do the job. This is thicker cream to the PM Face Cream I use, so this is great for the body. For winter my body needs some more juice to hydrate the skin just a bit more so a liberal squeeze with the Embryolisse fluid and it coats and seals my body.