THE OUTFITS: 2010-2019



2010 - 2019

That's a lot of outfits

I have worn, owned, sold, struggled, looked hilarious and looked great in over 200 outfits chronicled on this blog. I don't think I'd ever want to do the math on how much money that would entail... Though looking at every picture I can remember each piece and for some the story as to how I got it. Never a person who likes to hoard souvenirs, I consider my clothes and accessories my momentos. And as you can see I have many. Here's a little walk down memory lane.


2010, and I'm in Ireland on student exchange

I discover the wonder that is 'the High Street'. Topshop, Topman & H&M. Fast Fashion never met someone so excited. With the majority of my money spent on getting me across the globe, fast fashion was my jam. I would prop my mattress up against the wall of my bedroom and shoot with my little Canon PowerShot with the flash on, naturally. 


2011, I'm back in Melbourne and wanting to live my best life

Having spent all of my money I get a job to start saving for a house deposit clothing of course! As the great Carrie Bradshaw said 'I like my money where I can see it; hanging in my closet' I was faced with the conundrum that there was no High Street in Melbourne instead I resorted online and explored designers and the wonders of solestruck.com. Dion Lee, Christopher Kane, Alexander McQueen made their way into my wardrobe and my collection of shoes started to grow on the daily. Experimentation at it's finest.


2012I go blonde and start to become label obsessed

I go ham on the accessories, owning multiple pairs of UNIF Hellraisers, those Marc by Marc Jacobs Sneaker Wedges, an Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag, Mugler point creepers,  and Sass and Bide necklaces to name a few. It is definitely around the 'statement piece' moment. My looks are bold, whether in pattern or silhouette. 


2013, I'm a shopaholic 

I'm starting to know what I like more. Starting to look more at Men's Fashion trends than Women's. Kaleidoscope prints, Leather, and fancier Footwear were all the rage. Brands like Givenchy, Juun J, Balenciaga, Margiela, Katie Eary enter my wardrobe. I may or may not have gotten my first credit card...   


2014, I'm cooling down-ish

I say goodbye to the loud prints but hold on tight to my love for leather pieces. Experimenting with less is more and always been tempted by a designer sale. I get familiar with Rad Hourani, Prada, Alexander Wang, Givenchy, Kenzo, Neil Barrett. On the flip side I discover ASOS and discover the wonders of a big plastic bag filled with goodies.  


2015, Colours are no longer welcome

I aggressively cull my wardrobe to be predominately Black, Grey and Chambray Blue. Embodying that minimalistic vibe I experiment with cut and fit. I also buy my first of many skirts, with my Alexander McQueen Kilt


2016, I'm all work no play 

Just when you thought I couldn't get anymore simpler. Colours are still banished. Comfy Grey's and Structured Black's. I spend my money on shoes with Givenchy Tyson Sneakers & Gucci Princetown Slippers finding their way into my possession.  


2017, I'm blonde, I like Pink and Thigh High Boots

I spend all of my money on a trip to America. I get sucked into the allure of co-ords, especially in millennial pink. I find myself spellbound by the magic that a pair of Rick Owens x Adidas thigh-high boots can offer. My winter boot game will never be the same.   



2018, I'm a headless chicken

I'm either travelling for Work, Working or at School. Adulting at it's finest. I become rather persuaded by Acne Studios. Their bomber jackets are the perfect travel jacket, so naturally, I buy two. My affection for COS signs my graduation into adulthood. 


2019, I'm everywhere 

London, Paris, Milan, Esperance, Bangkok, Phi Phi Island... I didn't sit still. Fancy is replaced with travel friendly, with a few exceptions. You need a big hat for the Beach and Margiela Tabi Boots are too fancy to give up.