After 8 months of lockdown, it was time for a bit of a seachange. With restrictions between Metro and Regional Victoria, the Mister and I were desperate to get away for a weekend. What better excuse than a 30-degree weekend by the coast? So we packed a bag each, masked up and headed along the coast. Here's what we did. 

SATURDAY in Port Fairy & Warrnambool

7:30: Piling bags into the car and hitting the road. 11:00: After my highly skilful navigation we arrive in Port Fairy... a little bit longer than expected. 11:30: Whenever we're in the country I want the classic comfort foods, like a Steak and Onion Pie from Cob's Bakery12:00: After food, we walk down to check out the beach, take in the sound of the ocean... ahh the bliss. 12:30: Walking back into town we stop by the Port Fairy Community Market. It's got a cute bit of produce, food and crafts. 13:00: We wave Port Fairy goodbye and head to Warrnambool sans my great navigation skills (babe preferred to use google himself... I don't blame him). 14:00: We Check-in at our cute little Airbnb just off the main street. 14:30: Wondering around Warrnambool main street, making our way to the Botanical Gardens to sit amongst the trees. 18:30: Dinner Time with a highly nutritious dinner of Fish & Chips from Seafood Fish and Chippery. I even had my first... and last Chiko Roll. 23:00: Shower/Cuddles/Bed

SUNDAY in Warrnambool

8:30: Wakes Up. 9:30: Walks down to The Fresh Market held every 1st and 3rd Sunday. We pick up some local preserves, butter and a braid of garlic. 10:30: Walk back to Town for brunch at Patloch Lane Cafe. Dirty Eggs are the go, I'm a sucker for potato gems. 12:00: Quick change and off to the Beach. The Wind was crazy strong, but being in the water was invigorating. 13:30: After being sandblasted we pack up and head to Thunder Point for the wind to dry us off as we take in the views. 14:00: Spending time with friends with a good old BBQ, Conversation and Wine. 21:00: Shower/Cuddles/Bed  

MONDAY in Warrnambool & Timboon

9:00: Wakes Up. 10:00: Check Out of our cute studio. 10:15: Last chance for some Country Bakery magic, Pasties & Vanilla Slice from Brown's Depot Bakery11:00: Last stop in before leaving is Fletcher Jones Market, a bazaar full of vintage and antiques. I could have spent ages in each stall, I'll be back there for sure. 12:00: We hit the road to Timboon, hitting the Timboon Railway Shed Distillery on arrival. A quick whiskey tasting whilst picking up some last local produce items. 12:30: Lunch at Timboon Ice Creamery. One scoop of Apple Pie and one scoop of Passionfruit Meringue in a cup, please. 12:45: Back on the Road, babe with his google maps leaving me to count the Cows, Sheep and Hay Bails. 15:00: Home