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I love a good boot. Buy now it's rather obvious. Add some hardware and it's a party. When Raf Simons joined Calvin Klein they released a boot with a flat metal toe cap. They were CRAZY expensive and around the time where Western/Cowboy boots were all the rage. It wasn't on my radar. Years later and the boots are no longer available but ASOS have released their version of the boot (at a fraction of the cost) Safe to say they are now in my possession.

UNBOXING: I'm sceptical with fast fashion shoes, the smells, the quality and irregularities. There is a minor ripple in an odd bit of the leather by the elastic but other than that the boot is great. The toecap is sturdy and shiny and the leather feels soft and doesn't smell weird. The leather is simple and smooth, something which I prefered over the Calvin Klein's shiny patent leather.    
THOUGHTS: I am really happy with these boots. I haven't owned fast-fashion shoes in years but this pair has changed my opinion on them. Ironically I dread breaking in boots because it can take multiple wears to feel comfortable (I have some boots I'm still breaking in... after months) but these boots were fine from the first wear! Very happy with that. They're quite comfortable and fit really well. 
BUYERS REMORSE?: A fun new pair of shoes that looks good and doesn't hurt the bank, no remorse here.