This is my current SHOWER Routine 

There is a scene in the film 'When a Man Loves a Woman' where Meg Ryan's character falls through the glass shower door. That scene scared me because I also had a glass shower door. So let's just say showering was never my favourite thing. Cut to adulthood, there is nothing more satisfying than washing away the day and winding down with a nice hot and hard shower (yes I said hard, shower pressure is important) I'm an evening shower person, ever since childhood when I would splash water with my hands to avoid going underneath the scary tall shower head. Fears and Relaxation aside this is my routine. 



I wash my hair every 2-3 days depending on the weather and if I've been out. Currently, I'm using Virtue Labs Full Shampoo. I like to massage it deep into the roots with a scalp massager to break up any product or build up. Not to mention it feels great. 


QV gentle wash + FOREO luna

I am a shower cleanser, I prefer doing it in the shower because you can make as much mess as you want. I'm trying to be very gentle with my face since lockdown has been terrible for my skin. I actually use the Mister's QV gentle cleanser and gently massage it around my face with the Foreo Luna. I use the Luna in sweeping motions to encourage drainage.  


CERAVE sa smoothing cleanser & exfoliating gloves

Since starting a Body Routine, I try to use products which help maintain my soft and smooth body. I'm trying out the CeraVe cleanser on my body (since I'm gentle on my face) and if I'm feeling fancy I'll apply it with exfoliating gloves to really massage those thicker areas.


L'OCCITANE almond shower oil

I've been using this shower oil for years now, it's probably one of the more luxe products I use. A little squirt goes a long way all over my body, hydrating it and making it feel ever so soft. There is a faint scent but it doesn't stay on the body. 


VIRTUE full conditioner

I've learnt that shampoo is focused on the scalp, whilst conditioner should be used from midway down to the root. A small amount of conditioner worked through my hair just gives it that smoothness and added body once dry. I'll let it sit in until I finish step 6, then I'll wash it out.


DR. BRONNER'S pure-castile tea tree liquid soap

Because I wear boots a lot, I use this tea tree soap specifically on my feet to make sure I'm keeping my feet nice and clean. This isn't too applicable with lockdown but it's good to keep the habit. On occasion, I'll use it all over the body also.

And that's my current SHOWER Routine