Let's try this again...

shirt: UNIQLO / denim: LEVIS DIY / sneakers: CELINE (s)
(s) : Similar

The joy and energy that comes with a new year. Frankly, I still have a bit of pent up joy stored from 2020... but I digress. 2020 taught the valuable lesson that expectations are nothing more than ideas and dreams we want realised. Heading into the new year one might have a pessimistic outlook on the future, but I choose to see otherwise. A new year brings the promise of new beginnings and opportunities, regardless of the year before. Personally, 2021 promises nothing than more than starting the year still unemployed, turning the big 3-0 and the continued quest for happiness and fulfilment. Other than that I want to embrace 2021 for what it can offer and how I will harness the many opportunities. 
In my resolution in 2020 was to be present and cultivate happiness and gratitude in every day. I have a post detailing the specific journey, but it wouldn't be a New Year post without unveiling my resolution for the year past. For 2021, I am yet to truly decide on something, though the age-old 'maintain fitness' might be a good one. You know you're an adult when your body starts to slow down. That metabolism, need for sleep and inability to bounceback gracefully from a few drinks... again I digress. 

I am truly hopeful for 2021. For what? Heck knows, but I'm just going to keep looking up until something happens.