I am 30. The big 3 0 
Thirty, Flirty and Thriving

I was excited to turn 10 because I got my first watch.

I was excited to turn 20 because I felt ready to feel free as an adult, fresh from coming back from Europe.

And now heading into my third decade, I have the watch, I’ve travelled to parts of the world and oddly now I’ve reached a level of stillness, but nevertheless, I am still excited. 

It’s that age-old idea that once you get older you don’t sweat the small stuff. Your confidence is at a steady level and you know what you enjoy and what you really don’t through the trial and error of youth. I believe that I have gotten to a stage where I feel grateful for the distance which I have travelled, something that I never slowed down to ever realise until recently. My burning ambition is channelled towards things and people that mean the most, rather than bursting left right and centre waiting to be seen. The best test of getting older is being happy with the level I'm keeping up. I may not want to be a TikTok-er or be down with the latest memes but I am wholeheartedly happy with it instead of dying with FOMO. 

What I hope for my 30’s is the continued refinement of mt circles. Not just my circle of friends, but the many circles around me. I hope to continue to cultivate quality and joy through my experiences and connections. I want to grow into my adulthood with greater confidence and expression. Most of all I really want to make sure that I continue to stay present. Taking care of my mind, body and soul to enjoy being. Heck, a New Job, a Holiday would be nice too. But all in all, I’m not a Uber birthday person, but I like to take a present moment to stand at this new juncture with optimism and strength from the past leading into the next chapter.