I believe I can control time

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Time is a fickle thing. It's the constant which we think is slow when we are in it, but fast when we look to the past. The thing with time its that it continues regardless. Errands, Exercise or Work, if you fill it time seems to slow down. But on the flip side, do nothing and you feel like time goes by in the blink of an eye whilst aimlessly scrolling. When I use the time I tend to feel more productive than when I do nothing and then I feel all stale as if I've been stuck in a stale moment. Having a year off has really got me thinking about how I utilise my time. I was that person who didn't see its value so I woke up at midday did a few bits and bobs and then looked forward to dinner then bed. Looking back I can't fathom how I was happy with doing it.

Cut to this year I want to stretch time out. Ironically choosing to get up early, adding things into the mix to get my feeling, fit, aware and fulfilled. Nothing has really changed, other than my outlook on time and how I can control it and make it work for me. And until I get work, it'll do.