A Half-Marathon, Fire Place and the Beach 
SATURDAY - To the Bay

12:00: Pack the car and leave Melbourne down to Apollo Bay for the Great Ocean Road Marathon. The Mister did the Half Marathon with friends, I was there for the food... and Beach. 15:00: After a quick drive through the forest way, full of gasbagging about Drag Race and Life, we reach Apollo Bay to check into our Stayz Accommodation. It's pretty cold do the first thing to do is light the fireplace. I love a good fireplace, maybe it's my inner pyro or just that when it's so cold nothing beats a warm fire. 16:00: We head into town for race prep and to see the beach. Again it isn't really the weather for it being what 13 degrees but it's still nice to out of the city. I have always had a thing for Apollo Bay, I've been there a few times as a kid and then as an adult. It's just a quiet simple town where you can check out and relax. This Saturday and Sunday however are packed with different races so the town strip was busy with people out and about. 17:30: With the others arriving it's time to relax and catch up over food and wine. 

SUNDAY - The Run

4:00: Even though I'm not running, I wake up as everyone gets ready. The Mister sends me the most beautiful picture of the sunrise on the beach as I am hiding under the covers trying to fall asleep. 8:00: Not being able to fall asleep I get up and put a large log into the fireplace to warm the place up again... and go to bed again. 8:30: There's no use in sleep so I get up for a little walk around the town. 9:10: As I head into town someone has just finished the half marathon... in an hour and ten minutes. It takes me a while to let that sink in as it takes me 40 minutes to do 7kms. But hey who is comparing. With that in mind, I do I quick walk down the main street before heading back to the accommodation in case any of our mates finish. 10:00: Another log on the fire and a homemade bagel with a spiced pumpkin dip (thanks Mister). It sounds lame but I'm that person so never has the best sleep the first night in a new place. So I got a total of 3-4 hours of broken sleep... not the vibe at all. I felt like a zombie. 10:30: People come back happy that they've finished the run and eager to shower and get warm. 11:00: The wind and rain set in and it's indoors for the rest of the day. Chatting, Eating, Singing, and Dancing. 6:30: There's an idea for ice cream, because why not so a few of us brave the chilly coastal winds to get some dessert. 8:30: Bedtime.

SUNDAY - Hometime

8:30: Wake up to get this accommodation organized and tidy. I do miss travelling with hotels where room service and turn down exists... ah well one day. 10:00: Check out, and off down the main street for coffees. 10:40: We're off, driving out of Apollo Bay to Anglesea via the Great Ocean Road. There was a lot of road works along the way so there were a few long stops, but it gave us time to take in the coast. Because of course the on the day we left it was all sunny and warm. 12:30: We hit Anglesea for FISH and CHIPS. Not going to lie it was one of the major factors to come, other than the bay, and the mister. We are at Fish by Moonlite, tucked away from the main street, but it was one of the best fish and chips I've had in a long time. 14:00: Back home to the Cat.