Ever been caught in a Fog? 
You are never the only one

ZARA (s)
 / pants: SONG FOR THE MUTE / boots: RM WILLIAMS
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I remember a time when I felt lost. I lived with a permanent fog that kept me cool and encased. Everything around me continued as normal, and to a degree, so did I. I felt gravity move me, as if on autopilot, the weight of my body taking me places, my speech preprogrammed with conversations, whilst inside I was simply lost within the emptiness of it all. That sense of feeling lost in a fog was with me for many years, to a point when I could not remember ever living without it. Until one day it stopped. The fog lifted and everything became clearer. It happened rather quickly if not instantaneously like a light switch. 

At the time I couldn't put my finger on what I was going through. A combination of identity issues, growing pains, past trauma all wrapped up in a lovely head fuck to wade through. But as time has gone on and I'm much more aware I see that I went through a rough spell of depression. I say this not as a trigger or to start some youtube series, but to highlight in this present climate that a fog may come into your life or you might feel lost and alone and the one thing I want to say is, you are not. I was lucky enough to be able to deal with mine alone, but if I had help or support would the fog have lasted as long? Probably not. Moving forward now as these times are testing our mind, body, and spirit, remember to find support and/or an outlet to help you find clarity and escape the fog. 

Mental health is becoming less of a dirty statement. Sometimes we can go off the track because of extreme circumstances, sometimes it is the little things. The best thing anyone can do for themselves is to express themselves by getting help or finding a way to reach out so that you do not feel alone. Because you are not.