Pride always gets me. I tend to treat it as a reminder to remember to look up and enjoy the rainbow. If you take away the themed products and parades the reality of Pride is that it is for visibility, to remind us that something simple as pride wasn't so simple a little over 50 years ago. As the needle moves slowly but surely, the greater struggle of the queer LBGT+ continues all around the world. There are countries where being queer is still deemed illegal and punishable by death, a stark reality that has to stop and until then it needs to be known until it does. I want to see the day where World Pride means pride around the entire world. 

Pride reminds me to continue. To continue to learn about history. Whether it is in cinema with documentaries like 'Disclosure', 'Celluloid Closet', 'The Life and Death of Marsha P. Johnson', queer books by LGBT+ authors like Ocean Vuong, James Baldwin, and Brandon Taylor, and supporting each other's art and causes. Pride reminds me that we continue being our true authentic selves by doing exactly that. There is no guidebook to being queer or celebrating Pride, but amongst the confetti and dancing let's remember the history that has got us to where we are now. 

Pride is anything and everything.