throwback : 06.05.13

6th May 2013, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, Sydney

I used to dream about going to fashion week. Wearing fancy clothes, getting pictures taken, watching the latest fashions on the runway. Slowly but surely I started with Melbourne then Sydney and then the big one at the time Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA). As materialistic as it seemed, back when I was there the people that were at fashion week loved it, the only superficial element came from the gaggle of celebrities that were invited. But whether you were a writer, photographer, or a little blogger, everyone was there for the sake of fashion.
  • I HUNTED down this Alexander McQueen visor from the Fall/Winter 2012 collection. I dealt with a lot of snobby boutiques trying to find one and I managed to snag one of these rare pieces. I still have it, though I have only worn it about 3-4 times. It's a vibe, and at the time it helped me feel worthy and seen as someone who knows his fashion references.
  • At the time as a Male blogger from Melbourne, I had hardly any connections especially to any designers or PR agencies. So all my clothes for fashion week were paid for by yours truly on my retail salary. I actually picked up this top the day before I left for Sydney. It was from Zara but it reminded me of those Balmain Raffia style looks.
  • I remember hardware was a thing. Having multiple plain rings, resembling a knuckle duster. I would get sets from H&M and then paint them with clear nail polish so they wouldn't tarnish.