I would never call myself a runner. Heck, I would never call myself active to be perfectly honest. I used to associate running with being late or trying to catch a train or tram. But to run, as a hobby? Could not relate at all. I have always been a walker. And I’m a fast walker at that. Being someone who doesn’t drive I’ve relied heavily on my two legs to get from a to b. Last year being unemployed and being in and out of lockdown my prior active lifestyle did not exist. No workplace to walk around, no events, and no running for public transport. I spent numerous days at home consistently not bothering to leave the house. 

At the start of 2021 challenged myself to be more active by walking 10,000 steps a day. The task itself was easy, 1-2 hours of walking and done. And as I got into the routine I realized how many other people were out and about. Some walking some riding and some running. Never being that hyper fit person I would never string the sentence ‘I want to run or be a runner’ but seeing other runners around, made me think why not?

When I started I could only manage 200m, thinking that was a mean feat. Then I would stagger to make 1km, to then running a full 1km and slowly building upon it. From April till now I’ve come from running from 200m to 15kms, just from the sheer question 'Why Not?'. Is there a goal?! No, but rather a feeling of accomplishment and the elevation I get from exercise. Also as I’m getting older I want my body to always feel alive and utilized. Blood pumping, feeling my endurance. And ultimately answering my question why not?! with I can.