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X Factor - Week 4 Picks

Rebecca Ferguson - Wicked Love (Chris Issac)

Cher Lloyd - Stay (Shakespeare's Sister)

Tonight's Halloween theme created both highlights and a lot of mediocre performances as the 11 contestants to a risk with dark songs. My favorites of the night were Rebecca Ferguson and Cher Lloyd. Rebecca blew me away with her rendition of Chris Issac's famous Wicked Love. Cher Lloyd proved that she can do more than just rap, singing Stay by Shakespeare's Sister. It was definitely a girls night tonight, the boys seemed to fold under nerves and overdone song arrangements. 


Style Diary - Monochrome Love

I feel in love with the H&M Blazer when I was browsing online. Unfortunately there isn't a H&M convenient enough for me. Luckily however on my trip to Oktoberfest I managed to pick up the blazer (as well as other fun goodies). I paired this with my skinny jeans, long tank and my golden key necklace (a friendship necklace). I love this blazer, heck I love shopping here.


My Travels - Ireland Dublin to the Giant Causeway

With long weekends... well weekends in general I take the liberty to try and travel around Ireland. I took a bus all the way to Dublin from Limerick. From there I took tours around, above are photos of Dublin's Temple Bar area, the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge and the Giant Causeway. I got to go to Belfast for an hour, I didn't really get an impression of it being there only for a little while. But I might return to check it out and decide. More Ireland photos and travel soon.




This is my experiment...

all about media, fashion, travels and all of my rants.


Olivia Palermo Mango Campaign

Though MTV's The City may have been cancelled, but that doesn't seem to cut the lives of both Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo. Olivia has landed the coveted spot as the face of Mango, replacing Scarlett Johansson. Above are two new images of Olivia featuring her model boyfriend Johannes Huebl Huebl. I must say, and this is for all of Palermo's recent magazine spreads that she doesn't seem to know how to model unlike her boyfriend. Don't get me wrong she is a beautiful girl, but put her in a photoshoot and all you get is a deer in headlights.


InStyle UK - Christina Aguilera

InStyle UK features Christina Aguilera/Xtina. With a new movie Burlesque coming out at the end of the year its time for her promotional tour in the media world. On top of that her public separation and divorce from her husband I'm sure that'll soon come up, maybe in the magazine as well. I can't wait to see the spread. I think she still needs to find her own style. From girl next door to dirty girl to pin up then to dominatrix she needs a new and solid style ethic. Hire me Now! ahaha



55 Love

Today I received my 55 Plexiglas Necklace from 5 Preview. I am happy as a hippo! It came in a cute pleather pouch I'm very much in love with it I am. One down on my wishlist many more to come hopefully... damn budgetary needs. More photos soon.



My Travels - Ireland Cliffs of Moher

So now that I'm in Ireland.. and well you know studying (well at least trying to at least), I'm taking the opportunity to visit the local site. Site 1 the journey to the Cliffs of Moher. Since Ireland is predominately country greenery or country stone the photos that I have from Ireland are of a particular colour palette so excuse that. Anywho back to the Cliffs. So an early start and a few stops along the way to ruins and then more ruins we reached the cliffs. The Cliffs of Moher featured in Harry Potter: The Half Blooded Prince, the cliff part at the end to be exact. The cliffs were pretty cool scenic of course, but yeah really nice. It was intensely windy, very hard to walk against it. 


Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides

A teaser for Pirates of Caribbean 4 , On Stranger Tides has been leaked. The movie features a whole new cast including ex model Gemma Ward. It releases May 20th 2011


Kate Moss Final Topshop Collection

Kate Moss' finale Topshop collection is to be released next week November 2nd, with Moss herself appearing at the Oxford Circus store unveiling the full 1970's inspired collection. This will be her 17th collection with the brand, which put the supermodel on the map as a collaborative fashion designer. Her designs for this current collection are 1970's bohemian/vintage inspired. I can tell that like her many other collections this final set will sell out like hot cakes. Maybe I should sneak into a Topshop and check it out. Above are teaser shots from the collection, and by the looks of it it's very promising.


My Travels - Oktoberfest

So after my month in Europe I finally settled in Limerick, Ireland. I'm going to be here till December studying. But luckily with a base now to leave all of my stuff, travel is way easier and now I have more room for shopping! 2010 marked the 200th anniversary of Germany's Oktoberfest. Camping for three nights in a damp tent wasn't too that much fun. Though Oktoberfest is like a mixture of a carnival, beer hall and food festival. Beers served are in litres or as they call them Beersteins, which is a lot of beer for one person to drink... especially a skinny asian guy ahaha. 



Marie Clare UK December - Rihanna

Rihanna features on the cover of Marie Claire UK December. Newsstand cover features the Barbados singer in a beauty shot and for the subscriber cover a full length shot showing her great curve and intense red hair. Love love love the newsstand cover, but I'm not feeling the 80's wide hairdo. She looks hot either way though. 



My Travels - Paris

The last stop on my month of travel is Paris, France. I can't speak more of it, I loved every bit of it. Unfortunately I didn't get to do much. I accidentally slept in... so I had to make my way into Paris from where I was staying. I must say though, even with my short time in Paris it was really good just wondering around the streets. This is the number one 'place on my to go back to before home list'. Off to Ireland now. 



Lady Gaga à Gogo

I don't know if I've mentioned that I want to back to Paris again but I do. And I wanna do it quickly by the 30th. There is this museum in Paris called 'Lady Gaga à Gogo' which features some of Lady GaGa's iconic outfits, concept album art and fashion sketches. And as I'm a fan (if you hadn't realized) I want to go. I hoping it travels somewhere close, maybe Ireland if I'm intensely uber lucky ahaha.

Lady Gaga à Gogo is at the Galerie Chappe until the 30th of October


My Travels - Swiss Alps

Switzerland was a big change in weather for me. I'd packed for cool weather, then I found out I was traveling in the end of a long summer so it was hot. This led to me to wear either a pair of short shorts or harem pants coupled with .But once I reached the Swiss Alps I could finally wear majority of my winterish clothes (and free up my suitcase for a day). We only spent around an hour in the city, went to a swiss army knife shop. But most of my time was devoted to having ice cream once again. I went up to the alps and it was really nice, really cold but nice to see so much snow and the old style tram carts used to get up the mountain was pretty fun too (comfy enough to sleep in). Next stop before Ireland is PARIS. Note the intense love.


For years Vogue USA's website has been merged or apart of Which really annoyed me because I liked but I couldn't really find the Vogue part, nor was it as good as it's UK or Australian counterpart website. But now Vogue USA is now separate! I'm intensely happy, the website is great so no complaints. Now I have another site for my viewing pleasure, and Vogue USA finally has a proper home.


Miu Miu Again?

I have a thing for magazine covers. I think that a magazine cover can say and do so many things for fashion, celebrity, model and magazine culture. This year this Miu Miu dress has gotten all the rage, featuring on seven covers (that I know of) notably above I left out the Swedish Elle Cover. This is pretty interesting especially since these aren't recycled images, practically every magazine around the world loves this dress. Notably the latest addition to the bunch is the Harper's Bazaar November cover featuring Amanda Ware winner of Australia's Next Top Model. I'll be intrigued to see what's the next fad dress. Maybe Balmain? Alexander Wang (I Hope).


Cheryl Cole X Factor Performance

Cheryl Cole debuted her newest single Promise This on the X Factor tonight. And I'm pleased that she didn't disappoint. Her vocals and her dancing was intense! From what shes been through the past months with her illness she has come back. And chart update (though it's so obvious) her single as of today is number 1 on the iTunes Chart and I presume it'll be by the week for the official chart. I'm loving her blazer by the way as well, I'll see if I can find who its by.


My Travels - Florence

Florence, the home of The David, Leather and Silver goods. Only staying one night here I managed to do a bit of shopping and of course enjoy a cup of Gelato. There is a lot of sculptures in the city center, all with great mythological history which is really interesting. With throwing a coin in the Trevi Fountain for a safe return to Italy I hope I come back and soak up a more history, maybe hit the galleries and museums. You know the mature cultural stuff. Climate change next to the Swiss Alps.



My Travels - Rome

Rome Rome Rome. What can I say. It was bloody hot that was one thing. I think that I would of liked it more if I stayed longer and maybe not around the peak of summer, because I was really hot and bothered trying to go to all of these places in a day while the heat is belting down on you. The Trevi Fountain was really pretty, such a iconic and really pretty piece. And of course the Colosseum and the Vatican were great and obviously a must see when in Rome of course. Florence Next


X Factor - Week 3 Picks

Rebecca Ferguson - Why Don't You Do Right (Lil Green)

Matt Cardle - Baby One More Time (Britney Spears)

Tonights episode of the X Factor was themed 'Guilty Pleasures'. My favorites of the night were Rebecca and Matt. Rebecca's rendition of Why Don't You Do Right and Matt's Baby One More Time were the best bits of the night. Tomorrow night on the Live Results Cheryl Cole will be performing live her latest song Promise This off her sophomore Messy Little Raindrops. I'll post her performance tomorrow.



My Travels - Venice

By the time I hit Italy it's at the peak of summer. So it's ideal short short weather. Taking a ferry into the center of Venice I spend the whole day wondering around the narrow streets crowded with people and little stalls. And yes I did do a Gondola ride, which was intense. I spent a lot of hard earn dollars here, there was a lot of really nice leather goods and other pretty items all to be posted at a later date. Everyone has to go to the floating city, it's something that you can't see anywhere else. Beautiful.


Style Diary - Kill Time

So yes I've joined onto Just for the fun of it, pass the time while I'm over here. Though I find it really frustrating not having my entire wardrobe to show... I'll just have to purchase more then ahahaha.



Skins USA

MTV Shows

MTV has released the trailer of the American version of Skins. I'm finding that there isn't much of a difference literally, names are the same storyline is the same. Though I must admit the I prefer the British cast, I don't see this American show working. 


My Travels - Austria

Austria is such a peaceful place. It's pretty much untouched by man... well besides the addition of a few houses and the cable cars to the top of the mountains. I could so see myself retreating here for a holiday for a nice break, quiet getaway. Ironically Austria was full of extreme sports. I did Para-gliding and White Water Rafting, two things I thought I'd never do mainly because I'm intensely freaked out by heights and in general I don't do sports. Next stop is Venice.