Marie Claire January 2011 - Gretchen Jones Winner Spread

Credit: Marie Claire
As apart of her winner's package Project Runway Season 8 Gretchen Jones' winner's spread featured in the January issue of Marie Claire USA. I must say I was really eager to see her spread, being one of the most controversial winners from the show I was excited how she would pull off her winning collection. Big H of However I'm kind of disappointed with it. Interesting that Jones is modelling her own collection, but she looks like a bored deer in headlights. Normally when the winner wins, her model lands the spread feature though I find that Jones has really stolen the spread from her model. Having genuinely liked the collection, it just didn't look as expensive or as fresh as it was on the runway, it just got lost. I loved the jewellery on a positive note!
See the rest of her spread over the jump...

Credit: Marie Claire



I'm confused; her next moves have to be about creating her OWN character, rather than the one she PLAYED on the show?

Hasn't a lifetime within her own skin and her own experiences provided her with her very own character? If she has to make one up, I feel very, very sorry for her. My goodness.
ramonarusu said…
I really don't like the spread, find it quit boring for a fashion magazine , nothing there says nothing to me..the place they've chosen, the positions in wich they are modeling, the expression on their's obvious that they wanted to create a certain atmosphere but in the end I don't think they have managed send any vibe with this...just dullness
Anonymous said…
boring....I love the background decor mush more than the clothes! NEVER would wear any of these pieces of clothing..
Anonymous said…
Marie Claire could not pull off a more exciting spread given the sad and dreary fashions created by Ms. Jones. She looks like a lifeless mannequin on which to hang clothes. Very surprised that Marie Claire would have something so counter to its edgy attitude and approach in its magazine. This spread looks like something out of the 70's.
Mia said…
this is the most bring and flat spread
EVER. the model, ms jones, clothes are i guess oke for moving around the islands in my country...

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