MARTAN + I Like My Style Quarterly

I'm a member of ilikemystyle.net, which is like lookbook.nu only more underground and casual. Anywho, when I returned from my travels I was approached by a member of ilikemystyle.net to contribute to their quarterly fashion magazine. And I had to oblige.

I received my hard copy today!


I was paired up with another member Manuel from Meran Italy to discuss 'Dating: the differences and similarities between Meran and Melbourne'. So over a few chat conversations we discussed  the dating game, and it was really eye opening to discover the ways in which other people around the world date. Our conversation features in the magazine with other articles from other paired up members. Images of me feature in and before my article as well which I love love love!

I'm tres chuffed to be in a 300 paged magazine. It may not be Vogue or something readily published or found, but I'm a happy chap. It's pretty cool to see yourself in high glossy print... ahahaha

You can see my article on ilikemystyle.net as well as join or purchase a copy of the issue yourself!