Sunday Sunset, Vegie Bar with my Loves, City after stocktake & Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Last week was full throttle. The week was a combination of work, uni and organising the launch of MARTAN Jewellery Store. At the other end of the week now I'm a very happy chap with all of the hard work I put in.

I went to my first show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival with Steph and Yan, seeing Will Anderson. His comedy was pretty good, especially because I'm not a person who laughs a lot to comedy. But it was a good night, I recommend everyone go see a show they're cheap and worth every penny... well cent in my case.

With working a 30 hour week, you'd think it would be hard to still go to uni and launch another MARTAN site. I'm not going to lie... it was hard, but again it paid off. Balances my life out well. Social, Work, Education and fun.

Launching the MARTAN Jewellery Store was tres intense. I've been planning it for two months, ordering products, quotes, conversing and all... So it was really great for me to finally share the product of my behind the scenes work with you all. The Store is up and running, but I've still got a lot of share.

I ended the week with a catch up with my wifey's Krystal and Yan at Vegie Bar. Food and Conversation, simple and needed after a long week.