Blades of Glory

I am a massive advocate for Male Style. Male Fashion is fairly limited, but Mens Style is tres amazing.

The difference from Fashion and Style is simple. Style is a personal combination of pieces (not necessarily just clothes) which create a look. Fashion to me are pieces and trends created to added into your own style. 

Women have it easy I believe, so much choice in clothes, designers and all. Men don't have that option, thus I tend to venture and own a lot of womens clothes. These boots on the other hand are Mens believe it or not. 

Shoe Designer Jeffery Campbell created a show line for mens First by Jeffery Campbell, featuring stylish designs for men (or women with big feet). The collection differs from others as it features more that just the common dress shoe, loafer and sandal.

Anywho I wanted me a pair of Jeffery Campbell Switchblades ever since I saw the line. A generous heel, sharp design. Everything and more that I'd want in a shoe.

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So in light of this desire I put the Switchblades on my Wishlist, and in a few months they became mine! I bought them of SoleStruck which is a great site for designers like Jeffery Campbell, Senso and Trippen.

I Love love love these shoes! They totally remind me of Lady GaGa's Armani shoes at the Monster Ball when singing 'Bad Romance'... well just not silver and not too crazy. It has a generous heel which is good, though since I'm not small I tend to tower over people.

These are great shoes. If only I was really this height. I'd be a model!

Anywho Jeffery Campbell's Switchblades are a great addition to my style and wardrobe!