Style Diary - Trenching It.

I've never really like winter. Rain... Cold... Rain. 

I must admit with recent travels in cold cold Europe I've stocked up a pretty good winter wardrobe full of coats, scarves and other winter goodies to keep me warm and stylish over the cold months.

This trench coat is my favourite, I got from Paris H&M, Khaki green its a very winter chic coat. With a hood, waistband and my number one requirement pockets, this trenchcoat is great as an overcoat or a a look itself.

For this look I paired the trench with a simple white tee, skinny black Bardot waxed jeans and my black and white Alexander McQueen scarf. Just a simple winter look, helping to make winter more bearable and pretty.

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I also added my textured wrap ring from House of Harlow 1960 and a Sugar Skull ring from MARTAN Jewellery, to add something to my hands.Gloves are a bit too restrictive so I opt for many a rings. 

There is no excuse to not look good in winter, a good coat, scarf and accessories and you are good for the season! 

Trench - H&M
T-Shirt - Hanes
Scarf  - Alexander McQueen
Jeans - Bardot
Boots - Zipia
Rings - House of Harlow 1960 & MARTAN Jewellery