[T-B/L-R] MJS Agate Hearts, Clean and Tidy, Vegie Bar & Ikea-ing

Last week was about Agate, Hearts and Lovelies.

Finalizing the July line for MARTAN Jewellery, 'Agate Heart Necklaces' are now available at the MARTAN Jewellery Store. I'm so happy to finally have them out to share with you all. I had been planning this line for a few months now, but now its time to plan on more new lines for the future! Exciting stuff to come. With the this new line out, previous MARTAN Jewellery lines are on sale!

My Wifey Krystal came home from Europe, its great to be able to compare stories about Europe. Sights, Shopping, food. This also means that our regular lunches are on again. I went with Yvonne to Ikea as well, I love love love walking around Ikea. Some say pointless, I say fun. I even ate at the Ikea cafeteria for the first time not bad by the way. 

I booked Sydney! I cannot wait, I'm counting down the days till Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Sydney, Shopping, Relaxing...

Preparation and Planning is essential, though I don't think that we are ever really ready for things. 
I find that the term 'Fake it till you make it' rings true. Taking risks often expose us to the unknown, at times it's hard to want to leap for the fear of the unknown is great. But again, nothing can prepare us more than just doing it. 
Fake it till you make it Lovelies