Melbourne Cup Carnival 2011 - Derby Day

Here is my take of the Melbourne Cup Carnival, Derby Day

I haven't been to the races before so I was eager to see what's all the fuss is about. 
A big thanks to Fruche for helping me to get access to the event!

Lovelies may I introduce you to The Birdcage
Tucked away from the racecourse, the Birdcage features lavish marquees by Fruche, Lavazza, Myer and Swisse to name a few. The marquees are tres chic, each with their own different look, guests and celebrities
Its such a pretty area so I'm going to give you a look into the Birdcage, soak it all in now Lovelies.

Say hello to the Fruche Marquee. Take a look below, the marquee is decked out in florals and bright candy coloured lollies and food. The marquee has projected race coverage, a DJ and FAB catering. Its such a posh and stylish way to view the races in style. 
Fruche knows how to make a marquee looks BAM amazing.

The face of Fruche J Alexander (Miss J) was at the marquee, in a fabulous suit and bow tie look. In September J chose me as the Fruche Melbourne Fashion Week Blogger so it was great to finally meet him!

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