Style Diary - Back to Black

Back home from Sydney. I had to bring home something pretty.

I picked up this Dion Lee Rope Jacquard Print Jacket, adding to my collection of Aussie Designer pieces. There is something about Dion Lee's silhouettes, and with his jackets in particular I'm in love love love with them. The jacket features a jacquard rope weave with white screen printed rope print on top. Very dynamic creating a 'three dimensional illusion'. I could talk about this jacket for days.... 

I love love love how the front is cut longer than the back; classic Dion Lee. There is even an 'M' on the back of the jacket. A sign no? 

For this look I wanted to go all black and white. Working with textures I paired the Jacket with a sheer/loose singlet and my ruched leggings. I added my Jeffery Campbell Switchblades and an anchor necklace to finish the look. I want to exaggerate the jacket's cut by wearing the leggings, and the heels balance the look at the bottom.

This is also my entry look for Nuffnang's SJP 'I Don't Know How She Does It' Look entry. I chose this look because it's a total statement look, from the jacket to the shoes. No matter how busy life is, wearing fun and unique clothes helps me get through the day and makes me feel BAM amazing! Why not show SJP some great Aussie Talent!

Dion Lee Jacket + Cotton On Singlet + H&M Leggings + Jeffery Campbell Switchblades + Anchor Necklace