Style Diary - Lazy Vintage

Vintage is friend

My wardrobe (well I don't cupboards) so lets just say my clothing archive is diverse. Labels, Vintage, Hand-me-downs, Oversized, Black... I buy anything that catches my eye, regardless of where it comes from. Vintage is something I love love love. I probably sound like a broken record...

Affordable, Unique and full of character, I find that a good vintage piece works well because its something that no one can really get the same piece as you. I got this slouchy oversized grey Cardigan from a vintage market. It was a steal for $10. Generous sleeves, pockets and suede shoulders and pockets. Its one of those pieces that has that classic detail. 

I wear this cardigan when I'm in a chill mood, avoiding black believe it or not. 

For this look I wanted to go bright, with a deep white tee and acid demin short shorts which I made from a pair of thrifted jeansAccessorising I've got my ASOS marble clutch, geek glasses, MARTAN Turquoise Ring and my leather sandals I got from Venice

Vintage Cardigan + Loose Hanes T-Shirt + Denim Shorts (Thrifted then Cut) + Asos Clutch + Bata Sandals + Tissot Watch + MARTAN Turquoise Ring