Style Diary: Ripped Off

For some reason I'm into the Sleeveless

Some could say it's because it's Summer. 
Some could say it is cheaper without the sleeves or that I'm into arms? (which is a negative)
There is something about sleeveless looks which just appeal to me at current. 

I thought I'd let this look be a bit ragged and ripped off (don't mind the pun) with my DIY Ripped Jeans.
I honestly don't see why someone would want to pay for anything ripped? .... I'd rather do it myself. 
A pair of scissors, rolling around on the floor and a good machine wash and Waa lah! 

For something fancy I'm wearing my Make Believe flower necklace, which contrasts the edge for something pretty and fragile.
Uber deep I am.

Topshop Sleeveless Blazer + DIY Ripped Ladakh Jeans + Nique Tank + H&M Boots + Make Believe Necklace