Surf City + Birkin Beach + Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Slurpee + McQueen/Hellraiser Dinner

Last Week I took time off....Shocking I know 

I have this thing where I have to fill up my time with things, generally that's work or seeing friends and the like; I don't like to do nothing... it weirds me out. But like any human I need that random few days off to recharge.

I took a break to the Beach, Torquay to be exact for some much needed Rest and Relaxation and some of the good old Aussie Vitamin D. I even had my Marc Jacobs moment, with my Birkin Tote on the beach...one day it will be an Hermes Birkin! It was really nice just to sit down and read my Australian Vogue in the sun and eat and... well sleep. 

Did I mention eat? The best thing on a break is just to feast on everything anything in sight. (Another FAT Week it was). The local IGA stocked Reeces Pieces and Hershey Cookie & Creme Slabs, again a very indulgent time. 

The Wifey and I went to see the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, starring my Style Crush Rooney Mara. Tres intense movie, I liked the light and shade of the film with the random sarcastic humour.

Taking a Break last week helped to redefine things.
Priorities and the Importance for things and others changed.
All for the best and in the pursuit of that Path and Balance!