Runway - Menswear Fall 2012 Part 1

3.1 Phillip Lim + Alexander McQueen + Alexis Mabille + Balmain + Burberry Prorsum

Menswear 2012.. Interesting 

Velvet + Reptile Textures + Baroque

I make my thoughts on Menswear clear... I don't really have many... 
Optimistically I still look for some great Menswear Looks/Designers that shake things up, some I'll soon post about to spread the love.

Here is Part 1 of my Menswear Picks for 2012. It's all in the Texture
It's nice to see some new Shapes and Colours for winter. 
Love love love-ing the Reptile Textures. I'm mildly obsessed with the Calvin Klein Pants, Dolce & Gabbana Velvet Baroque Blazers and the Christian Dior Bird Coat.

Pretty No?

 Calvin Klein + Christian Dior + Dolce & Gabbana + Dries Von Noten + Etro