Trippen' in Love

I'm developing a Shoe Fetish...

I'm in the love love loving mood for Shoes. Different shapes, heels, materials and the like. 

Take a look at these BAM Amazing shoes from German Shoe Brand Trippen.
I love love love this brand, they make some of the most Interesting Unique Leather Shoes on the market.

The pair I bought are called 'Layers', featuring a Sole with Two Platforms like those Japanese Sandals, but then add it to a Leather Boot and then BAM Trippen Layers!

I got my pair from Solestruck, but you can also order straight from Trippen themselves!

Stay tuned to see these Babies in action!


OMG shoes

Herdiana Surachman
Sophie said…
unfortunately these babies sold out on solestruck before i could get my hands on them, so i'm about to buy them off of the trippen site! some websites say to order a size down as they run large, how did you find the sizing?
Marcus Tan said…
Hey Sophie!

The Sizes run true to size, though the design of the 'Layers' boot is rounded so it's not narrow at the foot so my toes can breathe. If you have narrow feet then you might have issues (I'm slightly narrow but it's fine with socks). But on the other hand if you have wide feet you'll be right


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