It is safe to say that with all of these food shots it was a FAT Week for me.
Not common, but needed every once and a while.
I like to have my FAT and Skinny days depending on my mood/cravings. But for some reason this week was all about the food and conversation. And with long conversations comes a lot of food!!

I managed to get a day off, which was tres relaxing. I've been wanting to sit down and read the stacks of magazines which I've bought over the years, but I haven't had the time recently. So it was really good to just sit down and simply read the articles that go with the editorials and all. Sounds weird doesn't it..?

I love love love reading the stylist and designer profiles. And note my Favourite spread from Vogue Homme International, Male Models in embellished Leggings. LOVE LOVE LOVE! 

Birthdays, Going Aways and the general catch ups were in order for the week. 
Trying to keep a balance somehow, with help from friends like caffeine and my trusty alarms in the early mornings.
By the end of my long week (which is Monday) I'm tres buggered and I'm ready for a break.

Luckily this week I'm off to Torquay for some much needed rest and relaxation!

Don't worry the trusty laptop is coming too! I'll be blogging from the beach. 
Bliss no?

I'm in search for a new path. 
Me being me I'm in need for new experiences and lifestyle.
What last week taught me was to follow my gut, and that sometimes the world helps to reinforce your beliefs and hunches.
When life throws things at you it's important to take it and interpret it for your own path.
I need to carve out my year and my new path. 
It sounds scary, but I'm just as excited.