Style Diary - Silver Summer

This year's summer has been a box of all sorts. 
Hot. Cold. Hot. Cold. More Cold. Even Rain... 
Though living in Melbourne.. I really should not be surprised...

In summer it's hard to really wear or enjoy a lot of pieces of clothing in a look. It's just too damn hot! 
This is probably why I'm really into accessories and particular statements pieces which help to bring out my style with minimal pieces. 
I still like to have a stylish look even if it's over 30 degrees...

I love love love my Silver Jeans, a statement piece but at the end of the day to me.. they're just jeans. 
For this look I just wanted to work the 'jeans and tee', accessorizing with my Alexander McQueen De-Manta Clutch and Unif Hellraisers. For fun I added my Key Necklace I got from the St Kilda Night Market and a Bolt Ring... which is literally a bolt that I wear as a ring.

Silver Zara Jeans + River Island Tee + Alexander McQueen De-manta Clutch + Unif Hellraisers + Bolt Ring + Market Key Necklace