Hong Kong Diary 2012 - Part 1

Goldfish + Shopping Hong Kong  Style + View from the Hotel + Ocean Park

Hola from Hong Kong!

It has been a hectic four days into my trip into Hong Kong. Having had my flight delayed (not without it's perks) the Wifey and I arrived in Hong Kong just in time for my 21st Birthday, which naturally was spent the two best things in life; Shopping and Eating. From Restaurants to Street Food and H&M to Designer Outlets, Hong Kong is definitely meeting my expectations! 

I've bought some really nice pieces already! 
I splurged on some Givenchy (one of the many Birthday treats) as well as some great shirts and bits from Zara and H&M. I'm yet to go shoe shopping but I've got to pace myself for the next two weeks.

Today I went to Ocean Park, think Movieworld/Aquarium/Zoo on Crack. 
I remembered why I don't like Heights/Rollercoasters... This boy wasn't meant to be off the ground for no particular reason. Upside down, side to side, swinging... even writing about it I'm getting the shivers...
The park had a really cute animal section with Seals, Pandas and Goldfish! Tres Cute!

More from Hong Kong to come! 

Buffet Breakfast + Givenchy! + Wardrobe-age + My 21st Dinner in Soho