Hong Kong Diary 2012 - Part 2

Manicure + Harvey Nichols Change Room + Versace-ing in the Bathroom + All you can eat Sushi

One week down, One More to go!

Hong Kong has become friend; walking around local and city areas. Shopping and Designer Window Shopping. 
Love love love seeing some designer swag in real life... preparing for my next wishlist.
My wardrobe is growing... slowly. I seem to be accumulating a lot of Shirts and Sweaters, various prints and fabrics. I also managed to grab a pair of Finsk inspired Snakeskin Wedges which I'm in love love love with. A generous 5 inches, I'm a stylish giant in Hong Kong!

I also had my first manicure, I opted for OPI Black Shatter on Silver Base. It was a pretty good job as well and at a fraction of the cost at home!

Have I mentioned the food? It's hard not to have a fat day or week with all of the street food, snacks and the cheap prices I'm lucky that I'm walking a lot to burn off all of this food!

Hong Kong is a very good Friend

Shopping Refuel + Honeymoon Dessert + Shopping Galore 

Japanese Food + Snacks +... More Snacks