Hong Kong Diary 2012 - Part 3

Ngong Ping Temple + Valentines Day Movie + Hong Kong Night Style + Time to Pack

Leaving Tomorrow... Queue Sadface

Two weeks are now done and I'm packing for Home. 
Thankful that I took a fairly empty suitcase so that I can carry everything home and fingers crossed not be over weight!

Valentines Day, a day that's never in my calendar actually turned out to be a lot of fun. The Wifey and our friend Christine spend the day with 90's Romantic movies in bed, moving onto Shopping, watching a Romancing in Thin Air and then Ice Skating. Tres Valentines Day no? Missing a partner but still fun. 

We managed to get some sightseeing done this week, visiting the Tourist Friendly Stanley Beach area and Lantau Island to see the Big Buddha. The beach area was nice and chill... though the weather was just that too, a bit too chill. We visited a temple and had our fortunes read, very interesting. Going to Ngong Ping was intense, a crazy bus ride to Lantau Island which was covered in fog and mist. All that aside the Big Buddha is pretty breathtaking, mainly because it's HUGE and the entire area is covered in a sense of calm.

Did I mention Shopping, Food and the Nightlife? I shall be putting myself on a tight leash when I return to limit my spending!

Now to pack. As I'm writing this I'm avoiding looking to my right to the mounds of clothes and the like that need to be prepped and packed. I'm excited to come back home though, having relaxed and chilled I'm ready to jump back on the path and start carving out a future post University!

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