Bonds Store Launch - Part 2

Here is PART 2 of the Bonds Store Launch on Thursday at Westfield Doncaster.
(If you haven't seen PART 1 click HERE)

Check out my quick Interview with Bonds Ambassador Sarah Murdoch

MARTAN: You have been the Face/Ambassador for Bonds for a number of years now. What has attracted you to the Brand? 
Sarah: I've grown with the brand. In 2001, there was really a Women's line. From the launch of the first  Hipster Line (which has been a huge success) I have been growing with the product. With each new Product, Lines and use of Fashion, I have grown attached to the Brand.

MARTAN: You have done numerous Advertsing Campaigns for Bonds do you have a Favourite?
Sarah: I always think that the first Ad campaign I did was really fun, every Ad I've done has had a bit of cheekiness; we don't take ourselves too seriously. The dancing Invisitails Ad was fun, I love to dance and to work with a choreographer and dancers was really great

MARTAN: It's great to see a Bonds store, I hope to see more in the Future?
Sarah: I hope so. First having the online store and now this store, we talked about this in 2001 so its been a big dream for a long time. Its great to be have it. 

As mentioned in Part 1, I got the opportunity to Style both Models Oliver and Sam in head-to-toe Bonds looks. At this point I'd also bumped into Connie so we had a lot of fun pulling pieces for them to wear. Check them out, and click on the links to get your hands on any of these FAB pieces!

Be sure to head to Westfield Doncaster to See and Shop at the New Bonds Store!

Oliver (Styled by MARTAN) : Utility Hoodie + Stripe Crew Tee + Cargo Trackie + Twill Backback

Sam (Styled by MARTAN): Pullover Bra + Textured Terry Jumper + Zip Leg Trackie + Bonds Tote