Eating - Cocktails & Cake
Watching - Sex and the City & Friends
Reading - Boy Meets Boy & The Vast Fields of Ordinary 

Last week with quiet. Me a few books. I think I've hit that stage of 'I need something new' I shall be applying for some kind of work soon. One thing that's making life fun is that Menswear Fashion Week has begun, I'm very happy. Staying up late watching runways live from bed (who says fashion can't be comfortable). A lot of great looks, stay tuned for a Post Bomb of runway coverage. Hopefully one day I'll attend a Menswear Week. That would be insane. 

I'm getting my sketch on. Hopefully I'll be making some fun things soon. I've got a lot of PVC and Vinyl so stay tuned.

This week I've got the Born This Way Ball. I cannot wait. Though the crazy amount of fans, standing, crazy fans. I will be wearing very Tall Wedges. For height... and protection. I'm yet to decide if I'm going to dress up. Tossing up between Rick Genest make-up, an old GaGa outfit or well nothing. I do really want to snag myself some of those Lady GaGa Meat Bandaids from the merch store. I don't know why. It does come in a cute tin. 

Sidebar -
 DFTBA. Don't Forget To Be Awesome. I found this handmade bookmark in a book I borrowed. I thought the message was interesting. I'm taking it as one of those spontaneous messages in life. Lovelies DFTBA.

I'm in that mood. 
In the car, making that sharp turn.
Lifting myself up. Waiting for nothing.
Impulsive. Spontaneous. NOW.
Things are Changing.