Style Diary - White Hot

Zara Shirt + ASOS Chinos + Danin Dilemma Sandals + ASOS Belt + Aldo Clutch + Tissot Watch

Sidebar - MARTAN Style Diaries are BACK! **Queue applause and cheers... hunky streakers? 

Anyone who reads my blog will have scrolled down this post thinking 'Wow that's new'. Yes I'm attempting White. It's not that I don't like White, it's more that I'm that person who can't wear white without a getting a mark, stain or a combination of the two. I'm actually in the market to find a White Blazer, so until then I've got myself some shirts and these 'skinny' chinos to keep me company. Now I use the quotation marks around skinny just because I ordered these chinos in a 28" to find that they aren't that skinny.. nor do they fit my waist. More of a personal skinny issue than the Brand but still... I managed to get these shots done on a random sunny day, which is very lucky seeing as Melbourne has gone all gloomy on me (Outside my window all I see is Grey.. and a bird) But yes I'm expanding my Style with White. 

(Photos by Krystal)