Eating | Peppermint Tea, Mexican and more Tea
Listening | Diana Krall, Lana Del Rey & Karise Eden
Watching | Hysteria & Celebrity Juice 

Whilst rekindling my love for peppermint tea I spent the bulk of last week organising my life, getting it all in an order of sorts. Working with the my resources and to coin Tim Gunn ' I made it work'. I'm making the most out of my busy July. A lot of cold photoshoots and pricking myself with the numerous studded items I own but it'll all be worth it. Contrary to my excitement to see The Dark Knight Rises, I am yet to see it. Though come Tuesday night that will be rectified. Magic Mike comes out this week. I'm just going to put it out there. I'll be a cinema junkie this week. 

Last Thursday I went to the opening of the new Saxony Store in QV. Unlike other Saxony stores the layout is very much like a gallery, still retaining the Saxony look with black floors and concrete walls it is an impressive store layout featuring a graphic photography installation by James Whitlow Delano. Trying to practice the art of saving I viewed the entire collection in store, having a few pieces in mind for a future purchase. They stock some great pieces, sharp and black. Be sure to check the store out.

You know the saying 'Never look back'... well I looked back last week. My past, the memories, the hair and the terrible lack-there-of style. Though I don't like to look back it is nice to see where I've come from, and where I want to go. The content that we create is what fills in who we are. By looking back occasionally you realise what you've accomplished, making moving forward less scary and unknown.

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