White Shirt Project | Dye

1| Salt, Dye, Gloves & Tub. 2| Pour Dye in Hot Water 3| White gloves mix Dye 4| Dilute the Dye with water 5| Dip garment into the Dye 6| After 3-5 minutes rise the garment slowly 7| Hang to dry spray dye with water to allow it to run 8| Wash garment immediately 9| Fin

 This is my White Shirt Project

MARTAN + White Shirt + Something Else

I love Shirts. Their Long Sleeves, Fitted Nature and Sharp Collar. For a skinny boy a Shirt can give me structure and needed filling-in shape. This project is me having fun with the classic shirt. A White Shirt with a twist. Inspired by runway trends, my own needs or even just for an experiment. For this Shirt I took the concept of the Dip Dye Ombre (very 3.1 Phillip Lim-esque) and a packet of Dye I'd purchased years ago (to be used for a tie dye project.. that never saw light) I dyed three garments Chinos, Shirts and T-Shirt.

Check out Style Diary | Dye for the Result

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