Lust List AUG

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This is my Lust List of sorts at the moment. Things that I'm really eyeing to buy and some others I'm just going to wish really hard for. Even though its getting old I still love love love me some Mint. Having collected many a Mint Shirt I really want a pair of Chinos in Mint, chuck on a heavy knit and I'm set. The Givenchy-esque boxy Bermuda|T-Shirt look is something I've been interested in for ages. I really just need a pair of Bermuda shorts to create it, though can we all take a moment to take in the amazing print on the Givenchy Shark Jaw T-Shirt.... Heaven for the eyes. SHOES I cannot forget the shoes. In this case I've got my eyes on two. Jeffery Campbell Night Litas, heelless I know but editorially they would be great to shoot. Also a pair of white Dr Martens, very clinical chic. Accessories wise I'm in the market for some a chunky pair of Sunnies, a Bag and well who can say no to more Earrings (especially spikes). I've always wanted a 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Tote for a while, but now I seem to be fonder of the mini version. Totally impractical but cute nonetheless.

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