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Last week was all Graduations, Housewarmings, Birthdays and the simple acknowledgment of Growth. I'm still on the job hunt. Applying and waiting for an opportunity... I'm trying to not fixate on it too much. I find that catch ups and my little projects keep my mind occupied. I'm eager to start on my second White Shirt Project. I've become fascinated with shirts this year, the fit and sharp shape

I went to the Melbourne Zoo over the weekend. Meerkcats, Tigers and Monkey galore. I haven't been to the zoo in years, its one of those things that you never really do in your home city just because its always there, but for a birthday its always a good excuse.

I cannot wait for summer. The cold rainy days, though fun indoors are so limiting. I'm craving warm sunshine and hot breezes. Summer Fruits. The ability to wear a t-shirt and jeans without ten layers on top. Forgetting the umbrella without the consequence of getting soaked. Four months to go!

Growing up, responsibilities and the sheer title of being an Adult
Even though we get get older, know more, do more. 
Sometimes things can be so far above our control
Some things are simply 'bigger'

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